Sport Information – Rules and Qualifying Standards

Athletes must achieve required qualifying standards in event(s) at least once during the designated qualification period of August 1 of the year prior to the applicable Junior Nationals event to the applicable Junior Nationals registration deadline. Qualifying standards must have been met or surpassed at an Adaptive Sports USA Sanctioned Event an NGB or High school Athletic Association sanctioned event or others as approved by Adaptive Sports USA. 

Know Your Sport!

It is essential that athletes, parents, coaches and team leaders know the rules, suggested guidelines, qualifying standards, etc. necessary to successfully compete in each sport. It is also good to explore the national records per age, class and gender in the event that you are close to breaking a record.

This page will provide links to the information necessary to know qualifying standards; rules and regulations; national records; and other pertinent information.


Adaptive Sports USA Archery Rules:
Refer to the rulebook for qualifying scores.

Field qualifying standards; rules and regulations; national records.

Adaptive Track and Field USA Rules Link:
Junior Field Qualifying Standards Link:
Junior Field National Records Link:


In Paratriathlon, athletes will compete in a single race that combines three different events: swimming, biking and running. Athletes can choose to compete as an individual or on a 2 or 3-person relay team.  As an individual, athletes will compete on their own in all three stages.  As a relay team, team members will divide up the three stages of the course with one team member competing in no more than two legs of the course, the swim, the bike or the run.

Awards will be broken down by the following categories:

  1. Gender (Male/Female)
  2. Age Groups: (U11, U14/U16 together, U18/U20/U23 together)
  3. Disability Group (Ambulatory, Wheelchair, Visual Impairment)
  4. We will have an “open” relay division.  All relay teams will be competing against each other. No team points can be earned in the “open” relay division.


  • Junior Distance (U11) – 100yd swim, 3-4 mile bike*, 0.5 mile run
  • Senior Distance (U14/17/20/23) – 200 yd swim, 5-6 mile bike*, 1 mile run

Athletes qualify to compete in the paratriathlon by hitting the qualifying standard for either the swim distance or the run distance of their paratriathlon event. Example: U17 must hit a standard for either the 200 yard swim or the 1500m run. See the Junior Nationals swimming and track standards for times. All athletes that want to compete in paratriathlon must have swum in competition sometime since August 1 of the year prior.

Powerlifting rules and regulations

Adaptive Sports USA Powerlifting Rules:

Competitors become eligible to compete in powerlifting on the day of their 14th birthday unless competing on an international level. Junior athletes have from August 1 until the Junior Nationals registration deadline to meet the qualifying standards. Qualifying for juniors shall be a successful lift at any sanctioned Adaptive Sports USA competition or any competition sanctioned by any DSO or able- bodied federation (There must be a letter from the organizer that the lift was accomplished with a copy of their rules).

Shooting (air pistol / air rifle) rules and regulations; safety expectations.  COMING SOON.

Adaptive Sports USA / USA Shooting / ISSF Regulations:

Swimming standards; rules and regulations; national records.

Adaptive Sports USA Swimming Rules and Standards:

Table Tennis rules and regulations. *Not applicable in 2020*

Adaptive Sports USA Table Tennis Regulations:

Track and Field qualifying standards; rules and regulations; national records.

Adaptive Track and Field USA Rules Link: