Socials, Educational Sessions and Sport Clinics

Thursday Afternoon

Want to play a fast-paced and high energy team sport? Come and learn to play sitting volleyball.
USA Volleyball is always looking for its next Paralympic team members and no previous volleyball experience is required!  If you are an athlete that enjoys teamwork, can move quickly on the floor, and has the desire to smash a ball back at the other team, then sitting volleyball is for you.  Come play sitting volleyball and join us on the path to the podium.  This clinic is powered by USA Volleyball.

Monday Afternoon

Using Your Voice as a Pathway to Success
In this session, athletes will receive tools to enable and empower their voice. Athletes will receive key takeaways to speak up for what they need to participate and have the opportunity to listen to a panel of aspiring and accomplished athletes. Bring your thoughts, ideas, and personal experiences to share with and pose questions to the group.