Past Results


Both individual and team awards are given out at the Adaptive Sports USA Junior Nationals.

Individual awards

  • Medals will be given to the top three finishers in each event per classification, age group, and gender, where applicable.
  • Jay Coyner Award
  • Junior Nationals Spirit of Excellence Award
  • Ted Kaplan Award
  • Sports N Spokes Jr. Athlete of the Year

A description of each award and list of past recipients can be found online at

Team awards

Team awards are awarded to small, medium and large teams.  The size of each team will be determined once registration is closed and posted here for all to know.  Team awards are first divided into three groups (as close to equal number of teams per group as possible) based on size of team: small, medium, and large teams. Within each group, event management adjusts the team scores as follows:

To keep it simple, assume the group has the range of 5 to 10 members.  Take each team in this case and divide the number on the team into 10 the largest team. So the team with 5 members would be 10 divided by 5 which is 2 so multiply that teams score by 2 to get the adjusted score. Assume the next team had 7 members. Doing the same thing 10 divided by 7 which is 1.4286. Multiply that teams score by 1.4286 to get their adjusted score. Continue this process for all the teams and the highest adjusted score would be the winner. The next highest would be second etc.

Junior Nationals Sport Records

Junior Nationals event records are kept for the sports listed below. These records can only be broken at Junior Nationals.






*Note: In the case of track and field, the Junior Nationals event records are separate from the national junior records, which can be established or broken at any Adaptive Sports USA Level 3 sanctioned event. (If the best performance for a certain age/class/gender is recorded at Junior Nationals then the event record and the national junior record will be one and the same.)

2019 Team Awards

Team Independent Regional Awards

  • 1st place: Western Region
  • 2nd place: Central Region
  • 3rd Place: Eastern Region

Small Team Awards (1-4 athletes)

  • 1st place: Bennett Blazers
  • 2nd place: HSC Cruisers
  • 3rd place: Paralympic Sport Las Vegas

Medium Team Awards (5-7 athletes)

  • 1st place: Pennsylvania Center for Adaptive Sport
  • 2nd place: Children’s Lightning Wheels PSC
  • 3rd place: Turnstone

Large Team Awards (8-35 athletes)

  • 1st place: North Jersey Navigators PSC
  • 2nd place: DASA Dynamites
  • 3rd place: Texas Regional Para Sport