Junior Nationals is a week long national sport championship event for young athletes with a physical disability and/or visual impairment through the age of 22. A number of events are also open to athletes with an intellectual disability as determined by the International Sports Federation for Persons with Intellectual Disability (INAS).

The sports contested at the event include may include archery, paratriathlon, powerlifting, swimming, table tennis and track and field. Exhibition sports are often included as well as educational and social opportunities provided for the athletes, parents, coaches, and officials during the week of Junior Nationals.


Junior Nationals is an avenue for young athletes to showcase their abilities through sport and to promote physical activity and socialization. Additionally, the Championships serve as an opportunity for individuals to advance along the athlete pipeline that may one day lead them to compete at the international level and the Paralympic Games.


The Adaptive Sports USA Junior Nationals is the oldest and largest continuously held competitive sports event for athletes with physical disabilities ages 6 to 22 in North America. Started in 1984, Junior Nationals has been held in varying locations throughout the United States, including the college campuses of Colorado State, San Jose State, Ohio State University, Princeton, Rutgers University, and Iowa State.

The event has served as the developmental training ground for some of the greatest Paralympic athletes in the United States including Dr. Cheri Blawet (track), Sarah Castle (swimming and wheelchair basketball), Jessica (Galli) Cloy (track), Joshua George (track), Jennifer Hazen (swimming), Tatyana McFadden (track), Ray Martin (track), Shirley Reilly (track), Lauren Reynolds (swimming).


Adaptive Sports USA seeks progressive sport cities and local organizations with experience in event management to host Junior Nationals. We are focused on acquiring a strong host city and sport partner with sophisticated venues to deliver an outstanding event for athletes and their family members and coaches.

We seek to build a partnership, expand on the success and history of Junior Nationals and bring fresh ideas and concepts to the competition, particularly in regard to athlete identification and recruitment.

Please contact Jessie Cloy at Jessie.cloy@adaptivesportsusa.org and copy Susan Rossi at director@adaptivesportsusa.org to express interest and start a conversation.

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