Colorado Featured Athletes

Colorado Athlete Derek Mondt


Age:  21
City:  Briggsdale

Born into this great state of ours just before the turn of the millennium, Derek was given a normal early life, besides a surgery or two to length his tightening heel cord, and a speech therapist through kindergarten. His athletics career truly began in his senior year of high school after going all out on a regional 800m run and leading the track for 700m before burning out on the last 100 and taking his highschools record. Six years previous of small town rural sports had not prepared him for what would be his first fraye into the world of adaptive then Paralympic sports. He had learned of the Colorado’s state track meet offering an adaptive 100 and 200 meter runs, which lead him into contact with the wonderful Mr. Southall, which lead him and his supporting family to his first junior nationals, many new faces and names most of which he gets the greatest pleasure if calling friend. He did well enough in his adaptive sports actions, and a Desert Challenge to get a call from Ms. Cathy Sellers and inquired of his availability for the 2017 Nottwil World Juniors. He returned with many names to faces and a few friends, alongside with a gold medal. 

Now to tell you about this great mile high state, from the beauty of the Rockies that can only truly be appreciated by being in them to the wonderfully hand painted sunsets. There’s truly a reason to keep moving in Colorado, whether you find any of our many miles of trails, paths and parks, stop off at a local eatery or try some of the Rockies most inventive choices of drinks and soda, many small town restaurants are happy to serve your family. A particular favorite of mine resides off Old Wadsworth in Arvada, Fuzzy’s Taco shop, a small chain Mexican restaurant that serves a fine variety of Mexican dishes, after you are done there take a walk south til you find the Scrumptious store front, head in and check what your sweet tooth fancies and try a soda from the Rocky Mountain Soda Company. Now that your fun in Arvada is done, hit up the Denver museum or Zoo wonderful attractions in the public spaces of Denver. Now it would appear as it’s getting close to dinner time. What better way to have dinner than with a movie? There is this fun movie experience in southern Denver called the Alamo Drafthouse, it provides a full service dinner experience as well as a movie! Finally to round off your trip after all your track hours are in, travel to Casa Bonita for an amazing show and fine food before you fly home.

So as you have read you can see that your trip to Denver for the Move United 2021 Junior Nationals will also have many memorable opportunities besides what we perform on the track!

Colorado Athlete Jack Williamson


Age:  8
City:  Sterling
Favorite Colorado Things: Professional sports teams, camping and being at the lake

Hi, my name is Jack Williamson! I’m 8 years old, and I live in Sterling, Colorado! I’d love for you all to join me at Junior Nationals in my home state of Colorado! I was born with Fibular Hemimelia, and my right leg was amputated when I was 10 months old. But that has never stopped me! I play all kinds of sports, especially soccer, baseball, basketball, track and field, and swimming.

My favorite part about living in Colorado is going to Rockies and Broncos games, camping, and going to the lake! I hope you all can join me at Junior Nationals in Denver in July 2021!!

Colorado Athlete Matthew Paintin


Age: 19
City:  Littleton
Favorite Colorado Things: The mountains, skiing and the weather!

Despite being born with triplegic Cerebral Palsy, I have played every sport imaginable; but, have mainly focused on soccer, basketball, and track up until high school.

In the summer of 2016, I ran in the Junior Nationals meet in Middleton, Wisconsin. During that run, I set multiple Junior Nationals records, and my Paralympic running career was born. Since then, I have competed against top national and international competition in several meets. While running at the Desert Challenge Games in Arizona, I set Men’s T35 Americas Records in the 800m and 1500m. Most recently, I was selected to represent Team USA at the Paralympic World Junior Championships in Nottwil, Switzerland – where I competed in the 100m and 200m.

I currently compete collegiately for Colorado State University-Pueblo