Frequently Asked Questions

New Athlete Orientation

Are you new to Junior Nationals?  Are you an independent athlete travelling without a team or simply want to know more?  Please read on.

New to Jr. Nationals?  Welcome!

Thank you for your interest in the Adaptive Sports USA Junior Nationals. On behalf of Adaptive Sports USA, the local organizing committee (LOC), and the adaptive sports community we welcome you!  This event can be overwhelming for new athletes, their parents, their family members, and their coaches.  We are here to help and want to engage with you!  Please glance through the information below and throughout this website and let us know how we can help you navigate your way through Junior Nationals.  The Event Director on the “contact” tab and others listed can get you started and direct your inquiry appropriately.

Don’t be shy!

One of the best parts of Junior Nationals is the community.  Athletes bond with other athletes from around the country, often making lifelong friends.  Parents share success stories and lessons learned from past experiences.  Coaches share best practices and sport expertise.  Joining this community is an important first step.  Ask questions.  Talk to others.  Introduce yourself and take advantage of the time to connect.  Stop in at registration and chat with a member of Adaptive Sports USA. If you are travelling solo, feel free to ask a team or other independent athlete to buddy up. Let us know if you need volunteer assistance at any time and don’t be shy.

Know the Rules and Requirements for Your Sport(s)

It is very important that each athlete, coach and parent have a knowledge of the rules and requirements for each sport in which an athlete is participating.  Knowledge regarding qualifying standards, equipment requirements, rules and regulations,  etc. is very critical to avoiding issues and anxiety at the event.  Visit the “sport information” tab for more information.

Orientation Meetings / Welcome Ceremony

There will be an orientation onsite for those with questions.  We welcome any new or returning athletes, coaches, and/or family members to attend these meetings to ask questions or to offer advice.  Please see the event schedule for date(s) and time(s).

A welcome ceremony will take place on Tuesday evening.  We invite all athletes to march in the Parade of Athletes that will be staged according to state of residence or training location.  Adaptive Sports USA will provide one of each state flag for the ceremony.


Each registrant may purchase a meal plan during the registration process.  Visit the “registration” tab for more information.  Additional meals for family members may be purchased during online registration as well.  Meals not listed on the event schedule are the responsibility of each registrant.

Closing Celebration

We invite you to conclude the week-long event at the closing celebration on Friday evening, July 19, 2019.  The celebration will highlight successes from the week and give one final chance for dancing and fun.  Tickets can be purchased during the registration. The theme for the celebration will be announced early summer.

Q:  How do I qualify and become eligible for Junior Nationals?

A: General eligibility requirements can be found online. Sport specific qualification standards can be found under the “sport” tab.

Q:  What are the closest airports to the hotel?

A:  Please find the answer under the “hotel and travel” tab.

Q:  How do I book my hotel room?

A:  Please book directly through the hotel link on this event website.  The Junior Nationals room block can be found under the “hotel and travel” tab.

Q:  Can I extend my hotel stay before and/or after the event for vacation?

A: Yes, please call 866-954-9653.

Q:  How much does it cost to attend Junior Nationals?

A: Visit the “Registration” tab.

Q:  Will a 2018 physical form be accepted for registration?

A:  A physical must have been completed within one year of the start date of Junior Nationals using the provided form under the “Athlete Medical Form” tab.

Q:  I have a visual impairment.  Can you provide me with a guide?  If I bring my own, will they need to register and pay?

A:  Please provide your own guide and guide vest.  The guide should register and sign the waiver and code of conduct, yet their registration fee will be waived.  If you cannot find a guide, please inform the Event Director as soon as possible. The local organizing committee will do their best to assist you.

Q:  Do I need to be a member of a team to register?
A:  No.  Although around twenty teams of various sizes attend Junior Nationals, over two dozen independents are typically represented as well.  We suggest independent athletes join forces with other independents as well as buddy up with the teams.  Don’t be shy and ask if help is needed!

Q: Do I need a coach?
A:  A coach is highly suggested.  Registered coaches will have access to nightly coaches’ meetings to obtain information as well as event specific heat sheets. Your parent may register as a coach to gain access to these meetings.

Q:  Do I need an appointment for classification?

A:  Yes, you will need to set a classification appointment If you have not yet been nationally classified at another event.  Securing a classification appointment will be part of the registration process and is needed to be nationally classified onsite. Visit the “classification” tab for more information.

Q:  What if I need to change my classification appointment time?

A: To change your classification time, contact Jessica Cloy at Do not book a new classification time in our system until you have been in contact with Jessica.

Q:  Do I need to bring my own equipment?

A: On most occasions, yes.  Please note the sport specific needs:

  • Archery:  Bring all necessary equipment.
  • Field:  Please bring needed throwing chairs. Throwing implements are provided at the event. If you choose to use your own implements, they must be approved through weights and measures prior to the event during times marked “implement check in” on the schedule. Once the implements are weighed/measured, they will be impounded and athletes should pick them up after the event at the implement check in area. Any personal implements used will also be available to others in your field pit.
  • Paratriathlon: Wheelchair athletes must bring their own racing chairs. All athletes should bring their own helmets. Bicycles (upright 2-wheel bicycle, tandem bicycle, handcycle, and recumbent tricycle) will be available to borrow from Dare2Tri on a first come first serve basis. Any athlete needing to borrow a bike should indicate this on his/her registration form. Adaptive Sports USA will contact you if a bike is not available for you to borrow.
  • Powerlifting:  Equipment will be provided for those registered in the event.  Please wear a team shirt, the event shirt or plain shirt with sleeves above the elbow.
  • Shooting:  Equipment will be provided for those registered in the event.
  • Swimming:  Bring all necessary equipment to include suit and cap and/or goggles.
  • Table Tennis:  Equipment will be provided for those registered in the event. Athletes may use their own paddles.
  • Track:  Bring all necessary equipment to include a helmet, racing chair, track spikes, and/or guide runner vest.  All spikes must be pyramids and not exceed ¼” (7mm). High jumpers and javelin throwers may use 3/8” (9mm) spikes.  No Christmas tree or Need styled spikes will be allowed.  Starting blocks will be provided.
  • General:  Sunscreen, shade tents and chairs advised for outdoor venues. A water bottle and athletic clothing advised.

Q:  Will equipment storage be available onsite?
A:  Yes.  Competition chairs and other competition equipment can be stored at the track venue.  Anything stored onsite is stored at your own risk. Storage available from TBD.

Q:  Will there be medical support onsite?

A: Medical staff, emergency services, and/or first aid will be available at the venues during all scheduled hours of practice and competition.  Additionally, the nearest medical facility to the host hotel will be identified.

Q:  How do I obtain heat sheets?

A:  Heat sheets will be given out at the coaches’ meetings to those with a coach credential.  The heat sheets will provide starting times, order of heats, and listing of all athletes within each heat.

Q:  Where and when are results posted?

A: Results will be posted as soon as possible at each sport venue, the host hotel as well as on the “awards and results” section of the event website.  Also follow us on social media and check back for updates and additions to this event website. Facebook – AdaptiveSportsUSA / Twitter – @adaptivesportsu / Instagram – @AdaptiveSportsUSA / #JrNationals2019 / #AdaptiveSportsUSA

Q:  How can I donate to the Adaptive Sports USA Junior Nationals?
A:  Thank you for considering a donation.  Your support is appreciated!  Please visit the “sponsorship” tab to donate or pledge your sponsorship today.

Q:  Is there an emergency plan?
A: An emergency plan will be posted for each venue prior to competition on the “event venues” tab and available at the orientations and coaches meetings.

Q:  What happens in the case of inclement weather?
A:  Weather announcements will be posted on Facebook and under “Event Updates” as well as posted at the host hotel. If severe weather happens during a competition, an announcement will be made and the emergency plan will be followed.  A rain day make up time frame exists on Friday.